Schools are advised that Suffolk County Council has now run Weekly Extract File 40. 
Please note, it is again anticipated that all invoices within the file will fail to automatically reconcile, with the reason for failure, ' Supplier not found'.  This is because, whilst the LEA reference number field has been completed unfortunately it does not include the full number. The intention is to get this resolved in the future.
You have two options on how to process the invoices. 

The first is to manually reconcile all invoices contained within the file and then delete these transactions from the automatic reconciliation browse. This may be the preferred option if you are familiar with the manual reconciliation process.

The second option is to select the appropriate supplier from the Supplier browse, when you ‘Apply Correction’ you will be prompted with the question ‘Update the supplier LA reference to match reconciliation? ‘
You should select ‘NO’ to this question to ensure that the LEA reference number remains unchanged in your supplier details. You will then be able to select the appropriate invoice from the  ‘Invoice/ Credit Note Browse’,   ‘Apply Correction’ and Save changes. The invoice should then reconcile when ‘Reprocess Unreconciled’ is selected. 
If you inadvertently select ‘YES’ and update the supplier details, you will need to correct the LEA reference number in the supplier selected.

Schools are advised not to convert the invoices to Central Payments as this will cause issues at Year End.

The File does not include any VAT Reimbursements submitted by schools as Suffolk County Council have amendments to process within Oracle Fusion in relation to VAT. Further guidance will be issued to schools regarding this and the VAT submitted in December shortly.
If you have any queries, please contact the Finance Helpline for further advice and guidance.
tel 03456 037684 ,