We are going paperless! In a bid to become more environmentally friendly and improve our services, we are working on making as many of our processes as possible paperless by the end of this financial year.

Why? What are the benefits?

  • Payslips will be available sooner to employees (up to a week earlier!) so they don't have to wait until pay day.
  • Employees can access their payslips any time even if the leave the organisation.
  • Improved Data Protection
  • Less manual paper handling
  • Its better for the environment

How do we switch?

Switching to E-payslips is easy, simply drop us an email to to let us know that you would like to go paperless today.

To begin the process, you will be issued a report containing a full and current staffing list for you to populate with their email addresses (they can be work email addresses or personal - however we would recommend personal just in case any employee leaves the organisation so they can receive their final payslip).

Once we have received the email addresses they will be tested by sending a bulk test email (to check for any Typo's/bounce backs). If there are no issues the data is then loaded into the Payroll system (iTrent), and passwords are generated for each staff member.

The passwords will be issued to yourself to share with your employees and maintain moving forwards. Email addresses and passwords will need to be maintained at school level via iTrent - so if any employee forgets their password or requests and email address change, this can easily be updated via iTrent. Instructions on how to do this can be found on pages 63-64 of the guidance found here:

Once switched on, the employees can expect to receive their payslips and annual P60's via an email directly from iTrent (the HR and Payroll System) – so it will come from ‘’itrentlive’’ – and it will contain a secured PDF Document which will be their payslip, and they use their password to open this document.

If you have any questions drop us an email to or give us a call on 03456 066 046 option 1 or 2