Interactive Managing Performance Toolkit (Pagetiger)

The interactive Managing Performance Toolbox can be found here.  The toolbox has been designed using our collective experience of working with school leaders to manage the performance of staff effectively. 

Capability Procedure

The latest Capability Procedure (issued September 2019) can be found here.   The procedure is designed to:

  • Encourage staff to meet agree standards of behaviour, conduct and job performance
  • Deal fairly and consistently with staff who do not improve to meet those standards and identify ways to help them improve
  • Be applied in a consistent, fair prompt and supportive way.

Older versions can be found here.  If you are using an older version, it would be good practice for your school to adopt the latest version, following current legislation and laws.

Supporting Documents

The template documents and letters to support the procedure can be found in the toolbox. Documents include:

  • Invite to meeting
  • Development plan
  • Top tips for managing under performance

The template documents in the toolbox to support performance management include:

  • Guidance for Appraisers
  • Performance Management objectives
  • Lesson Observation form

If you require any further help and support, please contact the HR Casework Team