The Payments Team have requested that Schools submit files to be paid via Invoice Integration throughout the week as following the migration to Oracle Fusion the Payments Team now process the files on a daily basis. By submitting the Files throughout the week this avoids a peak on a Thursday which is more manageable for the Team and enables Suppliers to be paid quicker.

Please ensure that an LEA Reference is detailed for ALL invoices included in the files. Unfortunately the Payments Team currently receive many invoices that do not contain this vital information detail necessitating the allocation of valuable resources within the Team to correct the invoices on behalf of Schools.
Invoices should not be submitted until the School has the LEA Reference which can be requested by emailing Please include the name, address, post code and bank account of the supplier to be paid.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact the Finance Helpline.
tel 03456 037684 ,